Being Lesbian in Berlin – DAP-067

We spoke with two women about how it is to be lesbian and live in Berlin and USA and what is the difference between it. Most of the stories are personal and as all personal experiences they are subjective, so they don't claim to be general. Bild zu Being Lesbian in Berlin - DAP-067

Sure most of us think that nowadays being lesbian, gay, trans, queer or just "not as the majority" should not be the big deal. But what we think and what is the reality is not always that easy to get. So we spoke with two young ladies about what it is really. As we know that we could not get to the bottom of all and find the one big truth, which doesn't likely exist at all, we just talked about thinks Laura and Amanda experienced. What they have experienced in the USA, and why they live now in good old Germany. We discussed some general misunderstandings about the fact that gay and lesbian people could now get married in the USA and why this is not the end of the fight for equal rights, but just one step more. We tried to get some basic definitions, but we failed at some point, so please research it for yourself in the internet. We spoke about some organizations and what they do for people and how you can help those organisations. Over all, this interview will get you some insights and some starting points of your own researches and some topics for your own discussions and questions you should ask yourself and others. We would not post a disclaimer here, but to avoid some discussions here a short statement to point it our clearly: All stories are personal. All opinions are personal, All definitions may be wrong or don't be specific enough. But everything is the truth, so just enjoy the interview and research for yourself.

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